Introducing HyVelocity Hub: A Commitment to Advance Clean, Affordable, At-Scale Hydrogen in Texas and Louisiana

November 10, 2022
Des Plaines, IL

Industry, University, and Energy-Transition Stakeholders Unite to Advance the Hydrogen Ecosystem in Texas and the U.S. Gulf Coast region

The HyVelocity Hub, comprised of leading energy companies and organizations, announced today that it is applying for U.S. Department of Energy Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub funding to accelerate the development of clean hydrogen projects in Texas, Southwest Louisiana, and the U.S. Gulf Coast. GTI Energy, The Center for Houston’s Future, The University of Texas at Austin, Air Liquide, and Chevron are among the founding members of the HyVelocity Hub.

“The name ‘HyVelocity’ conveys the idea that we have a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the creation of a clean hydrogen market at the pace needed to meet aggressive decarbonization goals for communities in our nation and around the globe,” said Paula A. Gant, PhD, President and CEO, GTI Energy. “We need hydrogen deployment at scale, and this hub will lay the foundation with complete end-to-end demonstrations of an integrated network, match supply and demand regionally or locally, and leverage existing infrastructure to deliver resilient, reliable, and sustainable clean energy.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with our colleagues at GTI Energy in creating HyVelocity Hub as the implementation platform for the shared vision of a Texas-sized global clean hydrogen ecosystem created by our collaborative stakeholder process, said Brett Perlman, CEO, The Center for Houston’s Future. “The realization of this vision will be achieved faster with clean hydrogen hub funding under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

“At Air Liquide, we’re proud to bring our 60 years of hydrogen expertise to the HyVelocity Hub, and to join our customers and industry partners in this initiative,” said Adam Peters, CEO, Air Liquide North America. “Together, we will support the U.S. Department of Energy's vision for hydrogen ecosystem development and work to further deploy low-carbon and renewable hydrogen throughout the Gulf Coast. The HyVelocity Hub has great potential to model hydrogen’s ability to decarbonize industrial basins while transitioning our communities’ workforce towards high-paying, clean energy jobs.”

“The University of Texas is a national leader in energy research where hundreds of faculties and students are working with private sector partners and other academic institutions to develop, test, and deploy the next generation of clean hydrogen technology,” said Jay Hartzell, President, The University of Texas at Austin. “UT Austin is proud and excited to lend its energy expertise and hydrogen experience to the HyVelocity Hub and work with its members to ensure that Texas flourishes in the coming hydrogen energy economy.”

“Accelerating clean energy technologies is vital to addressing global climate challenges as well as local air quality, and Port Houston is excited to participate in advancing these efforts with the HyVelocity Hub,” said Rich Byrnes, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Port Houston. “The Hub will benefit trucking and maritime sectors, and our communities tremendously with cleaner transportation, lower emissions, new jobs, and both social and environmental equity."

The Gulf Coast is already one of the nation’s largest hydrogen producers, and it is home to a diverse array of energy resources, including hydrogen production facilities and pipelines, a large base of industrial energy consumers, and a skilled, technical workforce. The HyVelocity Hub will build on the goals outlined in the Houston Clean Hydrogen Roadmap.

Core to its vision, the HyVelocity Hub aims to support a just and equitable energy transition that aligns community needs with clean energy. The hub will engage environmental and social justice organizations in the Gulf Coast region to grow the local economy and create jobs in disadvantaged communities.

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Media Contact:
Kristin Cone, GTI Energy